About little mindful moments

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Sara is a life coach, mindfulness practitioner and parent educator. Through her business, Mindful Parenting Mindful Coaching, Sara uses her coaching and mindfulness skills to empower parents to cultivate inner well-being, peace and fulfilment no matter what obstacles they might find; to make life easier and more enjoyable for themselves & their kids.
Sara is passionate about updating her knowledge & skills with the latest neuroscience, parenting and mindfulness research. Her vision is that all parents/carers are able to grow a positive and strong connection with each child to give their children the best start to life and to equip them with the skills they need to thrive in the future. Resilience, Connection, Communication, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence are a key focus in all workshops, online courses and coaching offered.
With a background in speech pathology, teaching, coordinating a parenting centre and supporting families, as well as being mum to 4, Sara has a wealth of experience in coordinating fun, interactive and practical workshops and in listening to other people’s stories and coaching them to find great solutions.
To contact Sara and start living a more mindful, resilient and fulfilling life, through workshops, 1:1 Coaching via skype or Online Parenting Courses:
Email sara@mindfulparentingmindfulcoaching.com or

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